Selection of cast iron smelting equipment
The foundry industry is used to "make 2025 in China", and strive to improve automation, digitization and intellectualization. At the same time, it faces two main tasks: 1., the castings must meet the requirements of final products to improve performance, net shape and lightweight. 2. in response to the low carbon economy, the foundry industry is a friendly environment for human survival. Casting should reduce the pollution of the environment and strengthen the health protection of workers.

1. Requirements for molten iron smelting
In order to obtain high quality iron castings, high quality iron liquid must be melted out. The high quality iron liquid should have the following requirements:
1. liquid iron temperature is higher, the general requirements of liquid iron temperature more than 1500 DEG C (boiling temperature above). Because the high temperature molten iron can not only ensure enough pouring temperature, but also improve the purity of molten iron, eliminate the heredity of iron liquid and improve the shape of graphite, so that it is easy to use cast iron to cast iron castings with different chemical components.
The composition of the 2. iron liquid is homogeneous and has good stability. For example, the fluctuation values of the CE and C quantities of the molten iron are controlled within 0.05% to ensure the stability and consistency of the casting performance.
Two. Requirements for smelting furnace for smelting iron
1. according to the technological requirements, high temperature melting and hot liquid iron to the desired (such as temperature more than 1500 DEG C);
2. molten iron, which meets the requirements of the material properties of the castings, is stable.
3. high purity of molten iron;
4. energy consumption as low as possible (at least required to the requirements of the access system) and reducing the cost of smelting;
5. strictly control the emission of pollutants and noise, and achieve the discharge of the standard.
6. to meet the requirements of production, that is, to organize production according to the changes in the quantity and variety of the production castings.
7. the one-time investment is small and the operation cost is low.
The wireless large screen melting thermometer is a special high precision instrument for rapid measurement of molten metal temperature in smelting and foundry industries. The temperature measured by the portable thermometer is transmitted to the wall mounted large screen monitor synchronously and accurately by wireless transmission technology, which saves the fetters of the wall mounted large screen thermometer connection and improves the anti-interference ability of the instrument.

(excerpt from: China Foundry net)
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