ABOUT / 企业简介

    Weifang Shengjiang Precision Casting Co., Ltd. is located in the historic city of Weifang kite city, north to Weifang port, South Ji Qing highway, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is developed.
    The company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of precision castings, with various types of agricultural harvesting machinery, large and medium-sized tractors, automobile and engineering machinery products such as casting and machining products. After more than 10 years of development, now has a considerable scale, with casting and machining ability is strong, and the quality of protection system reliable (through the GB/T19001-2000 quality management system certification) can meet the requirements of the host plant.



Selection of cast iron smelting equipment


The foundry industry is used to "make 2025 in China ", and strive to improve automation, digitization and intellectualization

Green casting is the direction of the development of China's foundry industry


In recent years, "green casting " has been popular in the industry, for the sake of future generations, we should green mountains and rivers

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